Dennis Burnham, founder of Metric Hydraulic Components, has been building business relationships in the field of Hydraulics over the past 40 years. He has an exceptional reputation in the Hydraulics Industry, negotiating and managing major business accounts throughout his career.

group deskHe has helped innovate and streamline the industry to it's present day state, through his insight regarding the advancement of  Hydraulic Technology including the change from hard piping to push-to-connect type fittings. His success stems from saving his clients money on the bottom line, by trimming unnecessary spending and eliminating down-time

Dennis started Metric Hydraulic Components to provide big business advantages for the small business owner, and is committed to providing the very best products and services on time, at a cost effective price. Metric Hydraulic Components' staff has the knowledge and experience to fit your specific needs.

Let Metric Hydraulic Components help make your business a success!



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